Who Are We?

OS Grover Exim Ltd is one of the forerunners in the coco peat (Substrate) market. We have extensive experience in the Coconut Coir Peat (Substrate) Industry and coir based technology business. Our team has invested several years in Naturally Bio-Degradable Organic and Eco-Friendly Coconut Husk and unleashed its maximum potential. OS Grover Exim Ltd has developed innovative products for Agriculture, Horticulture, Hydroponic and Landscaping Industry over the years. OS Grover Exim Ltd was established to facilitate and meet the worldwide demand of soilless cultures by Commercial Growers, Horticulture and Landscaping Industries. We have succeeded in developing processing methods to meet the high-quality Industry Standards Low Eco Values, pH Stability, Air Filled Porosity, High Water Retaining Capacity and without any contaminations (weeds & Nematodes) for potting soils manufacturing. We cope with fast changing technologies in the global Agriculture, Horticulture market. We work with both individual growers to large industrial growers, potting soil manufactures to Industrial substrates manufacturers and meet all their demands by supplying strictly superior raw materials to yield the growing mediums to a high quality standards.